Our clients come from a wide variety of industry sectors. Over the past 20-years, we have worked with, actors/actress, models, musicians, artist, photographers, producers, directors, writers, restaurants, festivals, authors, products, non-profits and service related companies that have had their stories or products featured in some of the most prominent long-ago and present-day print magazine titles. Click on the spheres to access more information.

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YM Magazine

YM (or Your Magazine) was an American magazine for teenaged girls. It originally began being published in the 1930s. It was published for 72 years. It was the second-oldest girls' magazine in the United States; the oldest being Seventeen. It began as two separate Magazines: Compact and Calling All Girls. During the 1960s, the two titles (Compact and Calling All Girls) merged into Young Miss. The title changed again to Young & Modern in the 1980s. It was changed one final time in 2000 to YM.

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