The Platinum Group
a public relations firm 

A full-service public relations firm doing business for more than two decades and has coordinated cost effective and creative


media campaigns that offer maximum exposure and optimal results based on demographics, formats and current trends. The Platinum


Group supplements marketing and advertising efforts, and often serves as the primary source for gaining name recognition for artist,


entertainers, corporations and products.

Los Angeles    





New York




Las Vegas


The Platinum Group has built universal relationships with many different journalist, in many different states and many different industries for that perfect cultural fit. Our rolodexes include contacts to hundreds of editors, columnist, freelance writers and key influencers in the world of print and broadcast media.


Our print campaigns include, working with publishers, editors and reporters of magazines, newspapers and specialized trade publications. Our broadcast campaigns cover radio shows, local and national network/cable television shows. Now, since the emergence of the online social platforms, such as blogs and websites, the use of social media is evolving every day and is progressively increasing, creating an even greater opportunity to increase your visibility and brand exposure.   

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